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The Museum

Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Expo, Inc. is open to the public and presents over 8,000 pieces of art, documents, artifacts, video and book collectibles that chronologically display areas of historical passage of African Americans from their root existence and culture of the continent of Africa to present day in America.  To educate and share the great accomplishments of African American cultural history to the community; encouraging everyone to explore and learn more about history, culture, art and the many wonderful success stories that derived out of a people.  Act as a catalyst dedicated to preserving, conserving and validating the contributions of African American pioneers.


To Educate - The community about the progressive and innovative black  and culture from Africa to America.

To Expose - The Community to a better understanding of the black cultural experience through exhibit tours, lectures and workshops.

To Inspire - The Community to collect, cherish, and display black culture and history through art, artifacts and memorabilia and to become positive role models and leaders.

To Preserve - The community accessibility, to the preservation of African American's legacy.

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